Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cain beats Perry the Platypus in Florida Straw Poll

What do the results of the Florida straw poll teach us?

Obama’s divisive race baiting isn’t working. White crackers will vote for a black man. Cain is a genuine, conservative business man who merits more media time to sell a revolutionary 999 tax plan that will liberate the economy and is as simple as a pizza sales promotion.

Bachmann may have fatally vaccinated herself in the foot with an overdose of Gardisil. Newt is the old guard GOP statesman channeling Reagan. And Santorum has all the right beliefs but lacks the right delivery.

We now know that Governors Perry and Romney are actually moderates who played dueling banjos with their own books in order to snatch victory for liberal ideas from the jaws of Obama's certain defeat.

Like the Australian animal mix of mammal and bird, Perry the Platypus is a dangerous amalgam of liberal ideas wearing conservative cowboy boots. Perry’s positions on immigration are dangerous and schizophrenic at best. Boots on the ground can’t beat free college tuition and preference in admissions. Perry is playing the liberal race card by calling folks “heartless” who oppose his Dream Act. They just want a secure border and what’s wrong with that?

So, Pizza delivery beats Perry the Platypus.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

California Plastic Bag Ban Backfires

Last year the California state legislature wisely voted down a law that would have imposed a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags in stores, you know, the carry out bags retail stores like Vons, Ralph’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart use to sack the stuff you buy. But a handful of county supervisors, including those in Los Angeles County, have imposed their regional political will by banning those plastic bags throughout unincorporated areas of the state.

And banning plastic shopping bags isn’t enough. Now a Democrat legislator in the city of Los Angeles wants to ban both plastic and paper carry out bags to help cut costs of waste management (see, in the end it’s all about the money -- liberals in government can’t confiscate enough taxes and won’t cut pet programs).

The proffered warm and fuzzy intent of these local tyrannies is to protect the global environment from evil private trash. Yet the myriad exceptions to the rule prove that plastic (or paper for that matter) is not the true concern. If either plastic or paper were truly the environmental equivalent of deadly second-hand cigarette smoke, then these bans should have no exceptions whatsoever. No sandwich bags, no paper lunch bags, no trash bags, no plastic potato chip bags, no plastic six pack cola rings, no plastic packaging for toilet paper and no toilet paper either, and absolutely no medical pharmacy plastic bags!

The laws also force retailers to charge between 10 and 15 cents tax for every recyclable paper bag provided to customers. Ostensibly, this economic punishment will motivate customers to bring in their own re-useable “green” canvas totes (made of locally grown hemp no doubt). Really it is hush money payola to the retail stores to compensate them for going peacefully along with the cost of providing the paper bags and program “education.”

Here’s the good news: Consumers are already one step ahead of the government tyrants. The shopping bag bans do not apply to sales of plastic (or paper) bags. If they did, Hefty and Glad would soon be pulling out of California faster than Amazon. Retailer are just banned from “providing” the bags for free. Savvy patrons are already buying plastic trash bags in the store and using them to sack the rest of the groceries.

Thanks to California Commie Liberals’ red tape tyranny, plastic bag manufacturers now have a huge new market. Retailers can sell pre-packaged single-use plastic bags for a profit at a unit price well below the government mandated paper bag fee of ten to fifteen cents each, e.g. 25 plastic bags in a $1.00 dispensing tube. The new customer is the multi-tasking soccer mom who will be more than happy to pay something less than ten cents a piece to once again enjoy the convenience of plastic bags dispensed from a little “Bags to Go” plastic tube hanging in the check out aisle next to the trashy tabloids. Ownership transfers to the customer at check out who then hands the grocery clerk her newly purchased single use bags to sack groceries.

Find a way to hang the plastic bag dispensing tube from the unused cigarette lighter in the minivan and soccer moms all across California will stock up on extra tubes to sack the post game victory fast food debris and tie up the toddler’s disposable diaper while on the go. “

Color the “Bags To Go” tube bright neon green ... just to irritate the liberals.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Darth Obama's "Transforming America" Re-election Campaign Ad

Newly leaked DNC presidential re-election test video highlights Obama's accomplishments to date!!

I mean, who wouldn't want four more years of socialist uptopia?!?  Memo to RNC -- laughter lightens the load, opens the mind, and encourages the downtrodden.  Ridicule freezes and personifies the problem.  Give people something to laugh at and you will persuade them to hear the truth behind the humor.

No budget.  No high tech effects.  I'm just an American mother with her kids, doing the job the RNC just won't do . . . laughing at the Transformer-in-Chief.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Liberal Donors ignore, LA Times runs cover for CA Dem Candidate's Gangbanger Ties

A traditionally safe Democrat congressional seat is up for grabs in a special election in Los Angeles Tuesday, July 12th. Craig Huey is the GOP candidate.  Janice Hahn is liberals' favorite to beat.  The local FoxTV News ran a damning story exposing the Democrat candidate’s connection to a program that gave taxpayer money to Los Angeles gangbangers, including convicted rapists and gun traffickers. It is a must watch:

The Democrat responded by threatening legal action against the news station!! BreitbartTV and BigGovernment recently covered this scandal. So, to the Democrat’s rescue rides the liberal fish wrap known as The Los Angeles Times.

Reinforcing its role as trashy leftist tabloid, the Times responded with a story that repeatedly pronounced the Fox news report as “discredited” -- but without explaining “why” or “how” the report was discredited. The Fox News report is “discredited” because the Los Angeles Times just … said so.

The Times’ story then doubles down on stupid by uncritically reporting “claims” that GOP candidate Craig Huey is “suppressing women's votes.” Shocking claim, but how is Huey suppressing the women’s vote? By focusing the election on the economy instead of abortion! Yes, you read that correctly. Making the economy the issue in a Congressional election is sexist and suppresses the women’s vote, because The Los Angeles Times just … said so.

Continuing its feverish descent in Alinksyesque drivel, the Times explains that the GOP candidate is “out of step” with the “moderate” voters in the district because he opposes same sex marriage and favors abortion limitations. So, a “moderate” voter is one who supports gay marriage, opposes any limits on abortion, and never, ever is concerned with the economy, because The Los Angeles Times just … said so.

The Times sees nothing controversial with a local program that puts taxpayer money into gangbangers’ hands who then use that money for criminal activity and gun running. And, apparently, neither do liberal donors to Hahn's campaign:

The dearth in donations from GOP House members [to Craig Huey's campaign] also stands in contrast to the generosity of House Democrats, 27 of whom have contributed to Huey’s opponent, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn. That’s nearly four times as many as their House GOP counterparts.
Hahn received contributions from a slate of party leaders and a few Democrats outside of California, including Massachusetts Reps. John Tierney and Nikki Tsongas, Washington Rep. Norm Dicks, and New York Rep. Joe Crowley. Hahn also picked up checks from several party caucuses, including the Congressional Black Caucus and the New Democrat Coalition.
So just what is it about Democrats and their obsession with getting taxpayer money and guns into criminals' hands, justifying it with some sort of program to rehab or track bad guys and then trying to smother news reports with legal sabre rattling? We'll have to leave that question to Eric Holder's DOJ and the ATF because no one at The Los Angeles Times, Politico nor even one of Janice Hahn liberal donors apparently has the least concern about how Ms. Hahn used local taxpayers' dollars.

Remember, women's rights uber alles.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Would Palin Unite America with a Conservative Cabinet Campaign?

If Sarah Palin runs for President, how can she unite Americans behind her campaign given a strong field of candidates and the frenzied onslaught of Make-Believe Media lies?  I cannot speak as a politician or a "strategerist," but as a mother, I want all my children to stop squabbling and work together as a team.  As an American, I want politicians to do nothing less for the good of the nation.
Applying that maternal common sense to politics, Mrs. Palin could unite Americans around her Conservative Dream Cabinet. As the keystone to her campaign, she could announce her intent to give Americans a team to vote FOR, a conservative team with an all star line up to defeat Obama and the liberals. The only trouble may be the excess of excellent conservatives in the field.

The selling point would be that every leading conservative will be part of a Palin Conservative Cabinet for America.  Solely by way of example, Michele Bachmann as VP would create an awesome dynamic feminine duo.  Similarly, Herman Cain for VP would bring conservatism with private business success credentials along with bullet proof credibility against the hackneyed leftist race card challenge.  Either Bachmann's experience as a tax attorney or Cain's business acumen could be put to good use rearranging the IRS. 

Rick Santorum could replace Eric Holder as Attorney General, a perfect place to fight abortion, enforce DOMA, police abuses in Congress, and drain the racist DOJ policy fever swamp in one fell swoop.

Although not formally in the race yet, Rick Perry would be an excellent draft to run the EPA, cutting stifling environmental regulations and encouraging oil drilling and private business development.  Likewise, Allen West could be tapped to head up the military.  Of course either man would be yet another great Palin VP pick if either decide to throw their hats in.

And what if Mrs. Palin invited Ron Paul to head the Fed?  Sweet for the libertarians.

I'll leave it to Sarah and her advisers to figure how to incorporate Pawlenty and other noble conservative candidates into her conservative cabinet. And in the true spirit of keeping enemies closer than friends, Sarah could bring the Establishment RINO Republicans like media darlings Mitt Romney and John Huntsman in too.

Instead of gradually weakening our conservative field by letting the Make-Believe Media pick the most moderate as the Republican default to face Obama in a remake of the 2008 Liberal versus Liberal Light battle, Sarah could unite those brave conservatives now running and thereby also unite independents who are craving conservative leadership that has gone wanting in the Republican party since the Contract with America. 

A proffered Conservative Cabinet for America would give many Americans reasons to vote FOR their favorite candidates under Sarah's dynamic media mantle.  That positive vote FOR conservatism coupled with people's desire to vote AGAINST Obama's disastrous policies could be a landslide winning tactic.  And such a tactic could emasculate liberal critics who would no longer be able to pick on the girl but would have to take Conservatism on.  It could avoid a lot of the partisan competition and blood letting by giving some of the lesser candidates a graceful way out as Palin becomes the woman to beat for the nomination.

One Conservative Nation. One Conservative Cabinet. One Conservative President. Reagan did it. Sarah Palin can too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Congressman Weiner Incognito

Ducking reporters' questions, Congressman Weiner slips out of D.C. . . . incognito.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How Jews could Undercut S.F. Circumcision Ban: A Late Term Bris Milah!

Liberal logic illustrated:  Come November in San Francisco, it may be illegal to circumcise your baby boy but you'll still have the have the right to kill him in the womb.  A measure banning male circumcision has qualified for the city's November ballot.

Lloyd Schofield, the proponent of the Male Mutilation Ban, seeks to protect children from "forced circumcision," arguing it is a matter of human rights: "Circumcision is a decision that should be left] up to the choice of the individual -- not the parents, society or religion... This is a choice for body integrity."

Athough even the S.F. Chronicle calls the measure "wacky," Jewish groups are already concerned over the measure's First Amendment ramifications.
"For a city that's renowned for being progressive and open-minded, to even have to consider such an intolerant proposition ... it sets a dangerous precedent for all cities and states," said Rabbi Gil Yosef Leeds of Berkeley. Leeds is a certified "mohel," the person who traditionally performs ritual circumcisions in the Jewish faith.
If enacted, the circumcision ban would apply only to newborns and those under the age of 18.  Violators would face fines and jail time.  And the measure has no tolerance for religious exemptions.

But why worry about the First Amendment when there's an easy way to ... ahem!... circumvent any ban on male circumcision?   Since abortionists can thoroughly dismember a fetus legally, certainly a trim job is...well, shall we biggie.  The proposed law does not ban the removel of preborn foreskin.   I give you the late term bris by an in-utero Mohel! 

Or better yet, just take a page from Dr. Kermit "Snips" Gosnell's approach:  a partial birth bris!  Abortionist prompts a breach "delivery" of the necessary little member while the Mohel stands by ready to perform the bris.  And if something slips, why any legal liability can simply be scissored in utero by turning the partial birth bris back into a partial birth abortion.

And for those Jews objecting that a late term bris would break the eight day rule, what's a few days between birth and bris? Just think of it as a political sacrifice for peace with radical liberals --  kinda like Obama's 1967 boarder peace plan between Israel and Palestine.  

Just like Isreal's right to exist depends upon the Golan Heights, circumcision in San Francisco may become all about location, location, location. And tyrannical liberal politics.

Right to Life.  Right to Exist.  Mazel tov!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama's Secret Service GITMOs 7th grader for FaceBook Post, Media Advises Caution about Posting Political Speech

Thirteen year old Vito LaPinta used his Facebook account to post a concern for President Obama’s safety, reasonably positing suicide bombers might seek revenge in the aftermath of Usama Bin Laden’s assassination. The Washington boy’s Facebook post had NO connection whatever to his middle school. Not on school time. Not on school equipment. Not about school matters, other students or teachers.

A week later, in the middle of the school day, the Secret Service showed up at the 7th grader’s public school and, with the aide and assistance of the local Washington state police and the school principle and staff, they GITMoed this kid. Secret Service water boarded interrogated this 13 year old for half an hour at school away from his parents, without parental knowledge, without informed consent and without legal representation all because the Secret Service couldn’t be sure that a 7th grader’s social network post wasn‘t some sort of coded Al Qaida death threat against our illustrious Leader, Barack Obama.

If this had happened to a Muslim terrorist, the Make-Believe Media would be screaming bloody murder.

I doubt the poor kid even knew he had any rights to assert in the face of his principal, teacher and Tacoma state police wearing badges and Secret Service agents in suits and possibly packing government issued firearms. The school delayed informing the boy’s mother until the Feds’ water boarding interrogation of her son was already complete (security guard tipped mom off -- I guess the principal was too busy to make the call).

It’s been days since Vito LaPinta’s story appeared on Drudge and I‘ve been waiting to see the Make-Believe Media’s angle. Fox News picked up the story, and Yahoo ran a follow up report not on the boy’s civil rights or the mother’s legal options, but rather on the Not-So-Secret Service tweet confirming that Big Brother is indeed monitoring Fox News. (The Secret Service confirms it is indeed the Political Police monitoring all news at a fellow news network and Yahoo giggles over twitter etiquette!!! Ooops indeed.)

The issue of liberty within the original story seems to have been ignored by the serious media outlets. At MSNBC’s “Digital Life” blog, the take was flippancy with comments along the lines of “No Biggie”, or it’s all mom’s fault for not parenting properly. The writer Anthima Chansanchai quipped “if you think someone’s reading your tweets and Facebook posts, you’re probably right.” Her nearsighted caution was similarly parroted by Barabara E. Hernandez over at a local bay area NBC blog too: “keep your most controversial thoughts to your self” was her sage advice to Facebook fans.

At best, these ladies’ Bambi-esque “if you can’t say sumpthin’ nice…” analysis ignores the fundamental issue of liberty and free speech at stake and, at worst, accepts as normal the tyranny illustrated by government oversight imposed on everyday Americans’ political speech. Hopefully these ladies’ ovaries are even less functional than are their dysfunctional brains.

But set aside the lofty legal concepts of the 4th Amendment and Miranda rights. You don’t have to be an ACLU lawyer to figure this out. Whatever happened to the natural Mama Grizzly maternal instincts of protecting children against school yard government bullies?

BTW just where is the ACLU, that defender of minors who create questionable websites and who post provocative rap lyrics on line? Does the ACLU conveniently turn a blind eye when a Democrat President’s henchmen go around mugging childrens’ rights? So it would seem...

Contrast LaPinta’s case to the vigorous defense afforded by the ACLU and CBS to a kid who was sent home from school for wearing a T shirt sporting the image of President Bush bearing the words “International Terrorist.” And yes, you can still buy the T shirt here.

The ACLU was called in, followed by the MBM. Media interest in protecting student speech rights concerning any given president appears to depend on that president’s party affiliation.

So, what was a big story with Bush was a non-starter with Obama…. Typical leftist media, right? It’s worse than that. The T shirt kid dealt with school officials over a free speech issue that happened at the school. Nobody called in the Secret Service to interrogate the T shirt kid to determine whether he was plotting to kill President Bush from something he said out of school on his own time.

Lost in all of this is the media outrage over why anyone in the state, local or federal government had any right to corner any American, let alone a child, inside a secure government owned and operated building (public school) without legal guardian or lawyer for a vague concern over presidential safety over speech posted via the internet on Facebook .

Sadly, with today's twisted liberal bias in the MBM, this story would have gotten MBM coverage only if: 1) if a Republican President had sent his Secret Service to investigate the kid's public school English teacher and andy union connection to Al Qaida; and 2) if the school principal had offered littleVito LaPinta a sugar coated trans fat filled Twinkie or pint of chocolate milk after the interrogation was all over.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mothers Organize First Pro-Life Walk at Pasadena's Rose Bowl

Never underestimate the power of motherhood to change the world.

About a year ago, some high schoolers came up with a fresh, brash idea to promote their after school club’s simple pro-life message: "Life Is For Everyone."  These 14 to 16 year olds thought it would be great if they could organize a pro-life walk around Pasadena’s Rose Bowl. Their mothers agreed and together they acted to fulfill the goal. Walk4Life SoCal was born and began its mission to promote the first ever walk for life at Pasdena's Rose Bowl.

On Sunday March 27th, over 5,000 people registered to walk for the unborn, to send a positive message of life, to answer “yes” to the question of life in the womb.  They recruited nationally known pro-life champions Lila Rose, African-American preacher Walter Hoye, film producer Jason (“Bella”) Jones, and Hispanic actress Karyme Lozano as speakers.

The event’s lead speaker, Los Angeles’ Archbishop Jose Gomez, blessed the event, proclaiming “all life is sacred from conception to natural death. Let us ask our good God to bless us today and to be with us in all of our efforts to promote the culture of life."  The Archbishop echoed Pope John Paul II’s famous phrase “culture of life” in his remarks (not “culture of God” as was misreported).  I was in attendance that day. 

The only paper to report the Walk for Life was the Pasadena Star News, a local paper owned by the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. Predictably, the reporter totally missed the monumental story: Twelve mothers with a combined total of 71 children (yeah, life math is impressive) did what professionals charge big bucks to do.  They organized and promoted a political march at the iconographic Rose Bowl, symbol of America college football competition and the envy of parade goers the world over.

Just like the Tea Party, these conservative women used every form of social media plus old-fashioned grassroots spread-the-word skills they could muster. And they did it for love. Love of their children. Love of unborn children. Love of Life. Love for women who do not know the truth of abortion, its pain, its finality, its scars.

The media and the abortionists slept like the proverbial hare while Life walked steadily to Los Angeles, into the heart of Leftist La La Land and its film-making mecca. Perhaps the event passed beneath the abortionists’ radar this year. Perhaps Planned Parethood underestimated what a handful of mothers could do inside of a year. No death cultist sicko protestors picketed the Rose Bowl walk...this year.  That will certainly change.

Like the rebirth of the hero film genre, these conservative mothers have opened a new campaign, a real life “Battle LA” defending the sanctity of human life.   Their simple big tent motto, Life Is For Everyone, can make conservatives and Reagan democrats across Californians cheer and “re-up” if only someone has the guts to run a brave, pro-life campaign.

Perhaps conservative mothers will show the way in 2012.

Monday, March 21, 2011

STOP Planned Parenthood's New Location in Duarte, CA

To quote Edmund Burke, "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  Planned Parenthood wants a new site in Duarte. To stop them, we must simply show up and voice objection.

TOMORROW, TUESDAY MARCH 22nd protest Planned Parenthood.!!
Location: 1600 Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010
Time: anytime from 7:00 PM (arrive early to sign up for one of a maximum number of 10 spots to speak about PP's presentation).

The Council of Duarte will hear Sara Howard, a representative of Planned Parenthood, give a presentation and overview describing Planned Parenthood's services (women's health no doubt!). I believe this is the first step towards getting the City's approval for a new PP center in Duarte.

Since speech is limited by time, please bring signs so that you can effectively join in silent protest of Planned Parenthood. If you plan to sign up for one of those 3 minute spot to address the council, prepare short remarks in advance so you won't sound like our President when he goes off the teleprompter!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

O'Keefe's Videos Threaten NPR's Tax-Exempt Edge

Congress defunding NPR is throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch.  NPR only gets 2% of its money from the U.S. Taxpyer.  It's a slap on the wrist.   However, revocation of NPR's tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit means donors cannot claim tax credit for "donating" money to sponor shows. 

Without its tax-exempt status, NPR would have to compete with other broadcasting companies on an equal footing.  That's the real thermo-nuclear threat posed by O'Keefe's undercover videos so far. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Without Planned Parenthood Who Wouldn't Be Here Today?

Planned Parenthood's newest ad campaign urges Senators to restore its public funding recently stripped by House vote. The ad portrays PP as a life-saving organization with a woman's poignant quote: "Without Planned Parenthood, I wouldn't be here today." It's unclear whether PP appreciates the callous irony of such a depiction, but here's a short counter-ad created by my teenage daughter to illustrate the point in case it does not:

It is important to ask who wouldn't be here today without Planned Parenthood. We are glad that "Carolyn" in the PP ad survived her cancer but, sadly, many others do not, and we are left to ponder who among the 50 million Americans aborted since Roe v. Wade might today be making the next great scientific breakthrough for cancer, HIV, birth defects, Alzheimer's, etc.

My message to Planned Parenthood: get out of the abortion business.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dems Make Political Hay out of Giffords' Shooting Tragedy, introduce New Gun Control

Juxtapose these two recent news items and you have Republicans and Democrats in a nutshell.

Hours after the senseless shooting of Democrat Congresswoman Giffords, brand new Republican House Speaker of the House John Boenher postponed indefinitely the planned vote to repeal Obamacare, originally set for Wednesday, January 12th. A generous well-meaning gesture to reach across the aisle at a time of national tragedy by a noble, teary-eyed sap, I’m afraid.
As the hoary saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.
Politico reports that liberal Democrat Carolyn McCarthy plans to promptly introduce new gun control legislation tomorrow (Monday) morning to capitalize on the Arizona massacre.

If Republicans inhibit McCarthy’s bill in any way whatsoever, you can bet your underwater mortgage the Make-Believe Media will scream vitriolic hyperbole all the while claiming that the laws we already have obviously weren’t enough to stop leftist pot-head Jared Loughner’s sick assassination plot. It won’t matter that at point blank range he could have dispatched the congresswoman more effectively with a good sharp kitchen knife.

While good men sleep, tyranny plots

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Rose Parade Govenor's Award Winning Float depicting Life in California Breaks Down, needs Tow

You can’t make this stuff up. The Rose Parade’s “Governor’s Award”-- for the float best depicting “life in California” -- could’ve been renamed the “Irony Award.” The winner, “Suenos de California” (Dreams of California) by the City of Sierra Madre, suffered an humiliating breakdown at the start of the parade and was unceremoniously towed the remainder of the course. What a perfect representation of once the Golden State’s current financial woes. California Dreamin’ it wasn’t.

And until 2012, when the state’s gerry-mandered electoral districts get a Pelosi-style facelift, there’s little hope for a solution that can tow California’s broken down economy out of its Democrat Ditch.