Thursday, May 19, 2016

Susan's 2016 Glendale June Primary Voters' Guide

My voting guide is dedicated to my friend, Kirsten, who relies on my voting guide every election and passes it on to her family and friends.

The list of offices track the order of their appearance on the Glendale ballot.

President:                      Ted Cruz 

NOTE:  Although Senator Cruz has suspended his campaign at this time, he retains his delegates and the ability to become the nominee at an open GOP convention (however unlikely).  As of this writing, Donald Trump does not have the 1237 delegates required to lock up the nomination; therefore, a vote for Ted Cruz in the primary is NOT a "wasted vote" or a vote for Hillary.  I think Cruz is a more conservative, more reliable choice than Trump.  

43rd Assembly (Vote for up to 7):
                                        Doffie M. Lewis
                                        Mark Vafiades
                                        Marvin Owen
                                        Mary "Mell" Flynn
                                        Lenore Solis
                                        William E. Saracino
                                        Alex Keledjian

US. Senator:                  Thomas G. Del Beccaro  (the conservative Republican)

US Rep 28th District:    Lenore Solis

State Senator:                Michael D. Antonovich (the ONLY Republican in the field)

State Assembly:            Mark MacCarley (the REAL conservative in the race,
                                        highly qualified and a Major General -- the real deal)

Judge of the Superior Court: I'm relying on Craig Huey's comprehensive judicial Voter's Guide. Please help fellow voters in other California counties by passing along the link to Craig Huey's guide.
                              Office 11:     Steven Schreiner
                              Office 42:     Michael Ribons
                              Office 60:     James A. Kaddo
                              Office 84:     Aaron J. Weissman
                              Office 120:   Eric O. Ibisi
                              Office 158:   Naser “Nas” Khoury
                              Office 165:   Kathryn Ann Solorzano

County District Atty:       I will not cast a vote.  The only candidate is a Democrat.

County Supervisor:         Elan Carr (the REAL conservative Republican)

State Measure 50:           NO.  

Although it sounds good, and makes you think it will punish bad politicians, it is actually a way for the majority Democrats in the legislature to intimidate those few Republicans fighting the good fight in Sacramento.   Senator Joel Anderson explains here:  

"The truth is that Prop 50 is a scam. Rather than accepting what legislative leaders want you to believe, I encourage you to look closer at the history of Prop 50 to understand how it will perpetuate the culture of corruption in the State Capitol, deny millions of Californians their voice in Sacramento, and allow capitol insiders to stifle political opposition."

Glendale City Measure N:  YES!!!!  

YES on Measure N will eliminate the extra 7% tax that the city tacked on to the ever-rising utilities rates.  Every time residents' utility rates rise, this extra UUT "delivery fee" rises right along with it.  A YES vote on Measure N will stop that sneaky extra tax.  This small cut will require the city council to look at its budget and make adjustments to control the growth of government. 

The UUT tax revenue pours right into the city's general fund.  The City Council controls how that money is spent, not the city manager or the unions.   The city unions have spent over $65K to scare residents, threatening them with decreases in services for fire and police and loss of libraries.  They ignore the bloated salaries and swelling ranks of full-time government employees.  Upper management just received a 5% pay raise, so there's plenty of money to go around.

If you don't vote, you don't get to complain later.  No excuses.