Saturday, November 8, 2014

PolitiFact Circles Wagons Around Elizabeth Warren with a Pants-On-Fire Smear

In my latest article published at PolitiChicks, I reveal how and why PolitiFact targets me - instead of major leftwing media sites - for repeating an embarrassing fact about the Cherokee Princess, Elizabeth "Paleface" Warren:

"Days before the Democrat Party’s anticipated electoral scalping, PolitiFact has published a shameless rehab article on Senator Elizabeth Warren. That article attacks a FaceBook meme I published over six months ago that mocks the DNC’s chief Cherokee who “lives in a $5.4M mansion, claimed ‘Native American’ status to score a Harvard gig paying $350,000 to teach one class, and now lectures us that ‘the system is rigged to benefit the rich.’ “ Of those 5 or so facts, PolitiFact cherry picks the first one and, violating its own written policy, proclaims the entire Meme “mostly false” based solely on a flawed analysis of that one cherry picked fact.

Yes, Politifact is helping Senator Elizabeth Warren reapply her war paint in time for a 2016 challenge against presumptive Democrat nominee Grandma Hil-Billy...."