Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Voter Redistribution via HUD in 2016

HUD’s data collection of Americans’ health, home loans, credit cards, work places, neighborhood and even children’s school records will be used to “prove” racial bias justifying government intervention, perpetually fueling government and private lawsuits even in the absence of any complaints of discrimination.
New York Post author Paul Sperry writes that the purpose of HUD’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing mega database is  
“to racially balance the nation, ZIP code by ZIP code . . . . and publish ‘geospatial data’ pinpointing racial imbalances. . . . Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be pressured to change their zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing in affluent areas in the suburbs, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas. HUD’s maps, which use dots to show the racial distribution or density in residential areas, will be used to select affordable-housing sites. (emphasis added).
HUD.  Select subsidized affordable housing sites in suburbs. Translation: Relocation.
Reading between the lines, gathering racial statistics can cover a much more nefarious political goal: the legal justification to use federal dollars to move liberal voters into conservative neighborhoods — to redistribute enough Democrat voters to permanently alter the political landscape.
Enter Julian Castro, Secretary of HUD, “a proven leader, a champion for safe, affordable housing and strong, sustainable neighborhoods” according to none other than President Barack Obama. While serving as Mayor of San Antonio, Castro “became known as a national leader in urban development.” As HUD Secretary, Castro is a loyal Democrat operative, key to the legal redistribution of Democrat votes. Attractive, young, married with two children, this bilingual Hispanic Democrat with a B.A. from Stanford and a law degree from Harvard is the perfect choice to administer the Furthering Fair Housing program…and perhaps to run for president once Hop-along Hillary sings ‘Happy Trails’ after her last rodeo.
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Armenian Genocide: 100 Years of Silence

The Armenian Genocide remains mostly ignored by history, in part eclipsed by the horrific devastation of World War I and later World War II and the Jewish Holocaust, and in part due to political aversion at ruffling the feathers of NATO “ally” Turkey, which continues to deny the Genocide and attack anyone mentioning it, including most recently courageous remarks on the genocide by Pope Francis. The Mainstream Media also has been complicit in this evil silence. The New York Times refused to use the term “genocide” until 11 years ago.

In today’s Mainstream Media, Islamic atrocities against Christians virtually do not exist. Instead, an odd-sounding group named “Boko Haram” murders and kidnaps “village girls”, or “al Shabaab” massacres Kenyan “university students”, or an acronym “IS” or “ISIS” engages in mass murder, rape and enslavement of “Yazidis”. Carefully scrubbed from most accounts is that the perpetrators are Muslims and the victims are Christians because they are Christian. Similarly, the Armenian Genocide is rarely if ever presented as the Islamic Ottoman Empire ethnically cleansing Christians from what is now Turkey, a monstrous feat successfully accomplished with absolutely no adverse consequence from the rest of the world.
Also ignored is that, as genocides go, the Ottomans were uniquely brutal. Unlike their coldly efficient Nazi successors-in-crime, the Ottomans Islamists did not only seek to exterminate a religious group, they did so with brutish sadism. They engaged in systematic mass rape of Christian girls and women. One historian noted how Christians would be marched into the desert, stripped naked, and left to suffer prolonged painful deaths, and how the Ottomans “drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive.”
Does crucifixion and burning alive sound familiar? It should because it’s happening today in parts of the Middle East. Yet unlike the rarely publicized Armenian Genocide, Islamists now videotape and publicize their atrocities against Christians, so apparently unafraid they are of consequence or retaliation. And why should they be afraid? Who will punish them? President Obama? Are you kidding? Which has he given more attention to: a police shooting of a store robber in Missouri, or the ethnic cleansing, beheadings, mass rape, forced enslavement and persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East?
In 1922, the Ottoman Islamists marched into the Turkish coastal city of Smyrna, a city originally settled by Greeks in 700 B.C. that had grown to become the most prosperous and opulent city in the Ottoman Empire. Its “problem” was its large population of Greek and Armenian Christians. So, in 1923, the Ottoman military set fire to and destroyed the city, murdering nearly 100,000 Christians in the process. Offshore, warships from the United States, Great Britain and France watched. On the ships, “military bands played loud music to drown out the screams of those who were drowning in the harbor and who were forcefully prevented from boarding Allied ships.” The Allies, fearful of upsetting their relationship with the new Turkish Government, deliberately did nothing.
Throughout the Middle East today, the United States, Great Britain and France still watch as Christians continue to be massacred by Islamists, fearful of upsetting relationships with Saudi Arabia, Iran and other tyrannical regimes there. The United States provides token air support against ISIS, but partly just to help the Iranian military which views ISIS as competitors to their own vision of an anti-Christian Islamic Caliphate.
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Planned Parenthood's Final Solution in California

With Democrat accomplices, Planned Parenthood quietly seeks to deny life-saving emergency medical care to women in California. How and why would an organization claiming to champion “women’s health care” want to deny any woman life-saving emergency care?
Planned Parenthood is promoting AB 1177 in the California state legislature to repeal the licensing requirement that “primary care clinics” have a written “transfer agreement” with a nearby hospital. Sounds so bureaucratic, boring and harmless, doesn’t it? Let’s lift the curtain to see what it really means and why it matters.
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The Lone Wolf Conspiracy

It’s become a cliche.
After a high profile shooting or bombing – D.C. Sniper, Times Square Bomber, Boston Marathon Bomber, Ft. Hood, Congresswoman Giffords’ shooter, etc – the Mainstream Media promptly launches an entirely fact-free broad brush smear campaign against their “usual suspect” – the Tea Party White Male Veteran Bitter-Clinger gun-wielding knuckle dragging Conservative (you know, those types who founded this country, fought and died to protect it and still volunteer to protect it today). But when the facts crystallize and the criminal instead turns out to be perhaps Muslim, or registered Democrat, the Media just as promptly spins and re-labels the perpetrator a “Lone Wolf” whose actions reflect no group characteristic and has no meaning beyond the discrete crime, therefore, case closed.
“Lone Wolf” suggests aberration, madness, a random quality to the target and disconnection from the deadly consequences and from reality. It is Liberal Code for a crime hardly worth publicizing or analyzing. It is like calling someone insane, a kook, or “nut job”, dismissing any larger danger or further investigation of motive. “Lone Wolf” is cynical media branding designed to mute those who might ponder motives, find parallels, deduce from evidence or draw logical connections.
Militant Islam is the current favorite application of the Lone Wolf narrative by the Mainstream Media and Left. The Ft. Hood massacre, Shoe Bomber, Underwear Bomber, Times Square Bomber, and Boston Marathon Bombers all had unmistakable Jihad motivations just like the Charlie Hebdo killers. Within hours of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Good Morning America talking heads floated the words “Lone Wolf” while the story broke, signaling the go-to knee-jerk narrative pre-launch before the facts came in. They quietly dropped the narrative as contrary facts emerged.
Because, you see, the narrative fails when the Lone Wolf is actually part of a pack. Increasingly, we are seeing evidence of such an Islamic Wolf Pack.
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Monday, January 19, 2015

I Have a Dream: Black Lives Matter

This week we memorialize two salient civil rights events: first, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and second, the annual March for Life in Washington D.C.  

In his 1967 Christmas Sermon on Peace, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said:
[T]he next thing we are to be concerned about if we are to have peace on earth and goodwill towards men is the non-violent affirmation of the sacredness of all human life. . . . Man is a child of God, made in his image and therefore must be respected as such. . . . And when we truly believe in the sacredness of human personality, we won’t exploit people, we won’t trample over people with the iron feet of oppression, we won’t kill anybody.
His words, spoken almost fifty years ago, still ring true today.  For today, while a black man sits in the White House, the Democrat party who put him there funnels millions of public tax dollars to advance and promote the unjust killing of hundreds of thousands of pre-born black babies every single year.