Friday, July 1, 2011

Would Palin Unite America with a Conservative Cabinet Campaign?

If Sarah Palin runs for President, how can she unite Americans behind her campaign given a strong field of candidates and the frenzied onslaught of Make-Believe Media lies?  I cannot speak as a politician or a "strategerist," but as a mother, I want all my children to stop squabbling and work together as a team.  As an American, I want politicians to do nothing less for the good of the nation.
Applying that maternal common sense to politics, Mrs. Palin could unite Americans around her Conservative Dream Cabinet. As the keystone to her campaign, she could announce her intent to give Americans a team to vote FOR, a conservative team with an all star line up to defeat Obama and the liberals. The only trouble may be the excess of excellent conservatives in the field.

The selling point would be that every leading conservative will be part of a Palin Conservative Cabinet for America.  Solely by way of example, Michele Bachmann as VP would create an awesome dynamic feminine duo.  Similarly, Herman Cain for VP would bring conservatism with private business success credentials along with bullet proof credibility against the hackneyed leftist race card challenge.  Either Bachmann's experience as a tax attorney or Cain's business acumen could be put to good use rearranging the IRS. 

Rick Santorum could replace Eric Holder as Attorney General, a perfect place to fight abortion, enforce DOMA, police abuses in Congress, and drain the racist DOJ policy fever swamp in one fell swoop.

Although not formally in the race yet, Rick Perry would be an excellent draft to run the EPA, cutting stifling environmental regulations and encouraging oil drilling and private business development.  Likewise, Allen West could be tapped to head up the military.  Of course either man would be yet another great Palin VP pick if either decide to throw their hats in.

And what if Mrs. Palin invited Ron Paul to head the Fed?  Sweet for the libertarians.

I'll leave it to Sarah and her advisers to figure how to incorporate Pawlenty and other noble conservative candidates into her conservative cabinet. And in the true spirit of keeping enemies closer than friends, Sarah could bring the Establishment RINO Republicans like media darlings Mitt Romney and John Huntsman in too.

Instead of gradually weakening our conservative field by letting the Make-Believe Media pick the most moderate as the Republican default to face Obama in a remake of the 2008 Liberal versus Liberal Light battle, Sarah could unite those brave conservatives now running and thereby also unite independents who are craving conservative leadership that has gone wanting in the Republican party since the Contract with America. 

A proffered Conservative Cabinet for America would give many Americans reasons to vote FOR their favorite candidates under Sarah's dynamic media mantle.  That positive vote FOR conservatism coupled with people's desire to vote AGAINST Obama's disastrous policies could be a landslide winning tactic.  And such a tactic could emasculate liberal critics who would no longer be able to pick on the girl but would have to take Conservatism on.  It could avoid a lot of the partisan competition and blood letting by giving some of the lesser candidates a graceful way out as Palin becomes the woman to beat for the nomination.

One Conservative Nation. One Conservative Cabinet. One Conservative President. Reagan did it. Sarah Palin can too.


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