Monday, May 23, 2011

How Jews could Undercut S.F. Circumcision Ban: A Late Term Bris Milah!

Liberal logic illustrated:  Come November in San Francisco, it may be illegal to circumcise your baby boy but you'll still have the have the right to kill him in the womb.  A measure banning male circumcision has qualified for the city's November ballot.

Lloyd Schofield, the proponent of the Male Mutilation Ban, seeks to protect children from "forced circumcision," arguing it is a matter of human rights: "Circumcision is a decision that should be left] up to the choice of the individual -- not the parents, society or religion... This is a choice for body integrity."

Athough even the S.F. Chronicle calls the measure "wacky," Jewish groups are already concerned over the measure's First Amendment ramifications.
"For a city that's renowned for being progressive and open-minded, to even have to consider such an intolerant proposition ... it sets a dangerous precedent for all cities and states," said Rabbi Gil Yosef Leeds of Berkeley. Leeds is a certified "mohel," the person who traditionally performs ritual circumcisions in the Jewish faith.
If enacted, the circumcision ban would apply only to newborns and those under the age of 18.  Violators would face fines and jail time.  And the measure has no tolerance for religious exemptions.

But why worry about the First Amendment when there's an easy way to ... ahem!... circumvent any ban on male circumcision?   Since abortionists can thoroughly dismember a fetus legally, certainly a trim job is...well, shall we biggie.  The proposed law does not ban the removel of preborn foreskin.   I give you the late term bris by an in-utero Mohel! 

Or better yet, just take a page from Dr. Kermit "Snips" Gosnell's approach:  a partial birth bris!  Abortionist prompts a breach "delivery" of the necessary little member while the Mohel stands by ready to perform the bris.  And if something slips, why any legal liability can simply be scissored in utero by turning the partial birth bris back into a partial birth abortion.

And for those Jews objecting that a late term bris would break the eight day rule, what's a few days between birth and bris? Just think of it as a political sacrifice for peace with radical liberals --  kinda like Obama's 1967 boarder peace plan between Israel and Palestine.  

Just like Isreal's right to exist depends upon the Golan Heights, circumcision in San Francisco may become all about location, location, location. And tyrannical liberal politics.

Right to Life.  Right to Exist.  Mazel tov!

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