Monday, October 18, 2010

N.O.W. Declares the "W" Word Hate Speech... except for Jerry Brown

So I guess now it is official. You cannot use the “W” word.

The National Organization of W**** continues to evade the media radar in its recent proclamations that
  1. Brown’s use of the “W” word is in fact Hate Speech, but,
  2. It is hate speech only from now on, effectively giving Jerry Brown’s campaign a pass for calling Meg Whitman a w****, and
  3. N.O.W**** will continue to endorse Brown notwithstanding the “W" comment.
The media further has not pressured the two U.S. Senators from California, both of whom are w****, to announce whether they condemn Brown’s hate speech (a staffer, possibly Brown's own w*****, said the “W" word, which Brown said he liked and planned to use).

Brown, who is a w**** man running against a w**** w****, is still hoping to successfully play the race card.  He enjoys continued if incompetent help from w**** w**** attorney Gloria Allred and Hispanic w**** Nicky Diaz who has filed suit against Whitman.

No word yet either from Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional W****s’ Caucus whether Brown’s invective harms the cause of w**** in politics and our popular culture or just political w**** in general.


  1. Asterisks make me dizzy...

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  2. Discarded male DemoRats and discarded male RINOs:
    National Organization of Wimps -- adios amigos ...thanks for the debt.

  3. GOOD LUCK with your new blog Susan!

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