Monday, October 18, 2010

Here's an email I received from Organizing for America.  They've got a great national phone bank system set up that individuals can use to telephone registered voters.  Yesterday I posted a link to this site on my FB page suggesting conservatives make use of this well designed liberal Get-Out-The-Vote site to encourage people to vote for true hope and change.

I also sent an email to Rush Limbaugh in hopes he would reopen Operation Chaos with this site.
Funny thing is, today the link has a note telling people that "none of the campaigns" are available.  
Has Organizing for America shut the site down....?

Susan --

PS.  Below is the full text of the email I received from Organizing for America from Natalie Foster OFA's "New Media Director"

There's something we all need to do. Please click this link -- right now.

A person's name and phone number are going to come up on the screen. You'll see where this person's from -- it'll likely be a town somewhere in your state -- and how old they are.

Right now, all across the country, thousands of us are doing what you just did. Then, we're picking up our phones, and we're dialing the number beneath the name. And then -- along with those reaching out to folks from the doorsteps and the sidewalks -- we're starting a conversation. It's incredibly powerful.

We're calling today "Change by the Million" -- because we know this is absolutely the most effective way we can reach people. And together, we'll reach out to folks 1 million times before the day ends. But to do that, we all have to pitch in.

Click here now to get started.
At first, the name that appears is just that -- letters on a screen. Look harder.
This person could be a college student who voted for the first time in 2008 -- and has lost interest since then. Not currently planning on making it to the polls in 17 days.

It might be a single mom who isn't sure if she'll have time to get out of work, pick up her kids from school, and still make it to her polling location on Election Day. No one's really talked to her about why it's worth it.

Maybe it's an electrical worker who recently lost his job. He voted for President Obama -- but hasn't been feeling engaged the past year. He's frustrated -- and no one's talked to him about why his vote matters.

Right now, you can be the person who makes sure each of them is committed to vote. You can be the person who reminds them why their vote matters. And you can be the person who ensures that they're standing in line at the polls on November 2nd.

The votes may be counted on Election Day -- but that's not when elections are won. They're won right here, on days like today -- with conversations on doorsteps and on the phones. Conversations like the one you're about to have. Conversations that determine who shows up at the polls -- and who stays at home.

So, please -- don't linger on the sidelines. Don't take a pass and assume there might be a better time you can pitch in, or another way you can be effective.

This is the best time -- and this is the best way.
So jump on the phone -- there's someone who needs to hear from you.
Click here to meet them:

See you out there,  Natalie

Natalie Foster
New Media Director

P.S. -- Tomorrow, the First Lady and the President will be leading a rally together in Columbus, Ohio. You can watch live here. The rally begins at 6 p.m., and the President and First Lady are speaking at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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