Monday, October 18, 2010

How I'm voting Nov. 2nd - CALIF State Propositions

As a resident of California, here's how I'm voting on the state propositions:

NO on PROP 19 –– permits recreational use of Pot subject to state controls.
Why NO? Marijuana is a drug. Drugs should not be encouraged or legalized. Drug users shouldn't be invited into the state to try out our new pot party law. Creating a new state law legalizing pot will only create a bonanza for lawyers who will be able to use the new state law as a wedge to undermine federal laws banning weed.

YES on PROP 20 – Redistricting of Congressional Districts.
Why YES? Strips elected representatives of their political gerrymandering power and gives power to the people to draw congressional districts. A 14 member Redistricting Commission comprised of 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans, and 4 voters registered with neither party will now draw congressional district lines. Requires newly proposed district lines be approved by nine commissioners: 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans and 3 from neither party. Sounds better than what we have now.

NO on PROP 21 – State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act.
Why NO? IT'S A NEW TAX AND WE CAN'T AFFORD ANY MORE TAXES. When you can't pay your mortgage, you give up your monthly mani-pedi. Maybe the legislators can trim bloated pensions, boon doggle welfare systems or reallocate their own pay and staffing budgets to repair the state parks nd protect wildlife, huh?

YES on PROP 22 - Local Taxpayer, Public Safety, Transportation Protection Act of 2010.
Why YES? A YES vote restricts the state's authority to use or redirect state fuel tax and local property tax monies. Basically takes away power from the state. Local taxes would stay local. Tea Partiers and California Republican Party disagree on this one.

YES on PROP 23 – California Jobs Initiative.
Why YES? This will protect over a million California jobs from leaving the state. Prop 23 suspends State laws requiring reduced greenhouse gas emissions that cause "global warming" (proven to be a total hoax) until California’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent or less for four consecutive quarters. Voting YES stalls the socialist "green police" from crippling California's businesses.

NO on PROP 24 – Repeals Recent Legislation that would allow Businesses to Lower their Tax Liability.
WHY NO? Prop 24 takes away a new tax break for small businesses, punishing them further in bad economic times.

NO on PROP 25 – On Time Budget Act of 2010.
WHY NO? Great titles are misleading! Prop 25 would change the state constitution to allow the state legislature to pass tax increases as part of the budget with a bare majority vote instead of 2/3rds. Makes it easier to raise taxes and undo Prop 13.

YES on PROP 26 – 2/3s Vote for Fees and State Levies.
Why YES? Requires certain now hidden state and local fees be approved by 2/3s vote of the Legislature and certain local fees be approved by 2/3s of voters. Closes a loophole on these hidden taxes and fees. A great way to make it harder for the legislators to raise taxes.

NO on PROP 27 – Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting.
WHY NO? This is another head fake designed to UNDO PROP 20 should it pass. A YES vote will return the authority to draw district boundaries to the Legislature. Politicians should not be given the authority to draw their OWN district boundaries. Duh!

More to come on CALIF Judges and individual Candidates....

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to research this for us! I do appreciate it.
    Would you happen to know anything about School and County nominees? 140-144?