Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How I'm voting Nov. 2nd -- CALIF Candidates for Federal, Statewide and Local Offices

In order as they appear on my "Official Sample Ballot," here's who I'm voting for.
Fairly straight Republican ticket, with one exception.

Govenor:  MegWhitman
Lt. Gov:  Abel Maldonado
Secretary of State:  Damon Dunn
Controller:  Tony Strickland
Treasurer:  Mimi Walters
Atty Gen:  Steve Cooley
Ins. Commis:  Mike Villines
Member St. Bd of Equalization Dist #4:  Shawn Hoffman (American Independent Party) and here's why

United States Senator:  Carly Fiorina

U.S. Representative for Congress (29th District):  John P. Colbert  His website

Member State Assembly (43rd District):  Sundar Ramani His website


Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Both Torlakson and Aceves are both liberals. 
WE HAVE TO WRITE IN DIANE LENNING  Click on her name for her website.
Absentees:  Use your gray ballot sleeve to write in a candidate.  The instructions on on the front of the gray sleeve.  Use the lines on the insde flap of the sleeve to write in the Office, in this case "Superintendent Public Instruction" and then on the ine below write the candidate's name, DIANE LENNING. 
Walk- in voters:  Ask the polling worker how to write in the candidate.  I do not have clear information on the process.
County Assesor:  John R. Noguez is the Republican Here's his website.

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