Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twisted Truth-o-Meter: PolitiFact gives bumbling defense of Liz Warren Puff Piece

Recently, PolitiFact targeted me when it publicly labeled “Mostly False” a social media Meme I created that mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren.  My PolitiChicks article exposed PolitiFact’s dishonest smear against the Meme and me.  I then sent a detailed letter to PolitiFact’s editors explaining why I was right and PolitiFact was wrong.  That letter (reproduced below) provoked a condescending and huffy response from PolitiFact (read it for yourself below) doubling down on its misrepresentations and sloppy journalism, using small words in hopes little women like me might understand true journalists’ factual finesse.

What was especially dumbfounding was PolitiFact’s response that “we would have been happy to respond to your concerns” but for the fact that “11 days” had passed since publishing the article.  Spoken in Elizabeth Warren parlance, PolitiFact won’t smoke-em peace pipe with Paleface PolitiChick.

In Bizzaro-PolitiFact-world, fact checking my six month-old Meme is timely, but fact-checking its own 11 day-old article is not timely.  Odd too is that PolitiFact emailed me about its article just five hours before publishing it, as if that were sufficient notice to respond (sorry, PolitiFact, but Wednesday afternoons I have three separate school pick-ups followed by kids’ karate lessons).

Originally published on November 14, 2014 at Politichicks, where the cool conservative women blog.

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