Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Leftist Family Values Schizophrenia: Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Every Thanksgiving, Leftists magically become champions of Family Values, of the importance of spending time at home with family rather than at work. The weeks preceding Thanksgiving see countless media stories bemoaning the sacrilege of businesses open on Thanksgiving Day.  Unions organize protests at workplaces open on Thanksgiving, write finger-wagging articles and bash heartless corporations who “can afford to give employees this holiday to spend with their families.”

But Leftists’ concern for family values mysteriously vanishes weeks later at Christmas, when they no longer care if businesses force employees to work.  So why are “family values” important on Thanksgiving but not Christmas?

One prominent business operating on Christmas Day is Hollywood, which commonly uses the holiday to release important films. In the process, Hollywood profits billions of dollars from movie theaters that pay some of the lowest wages in the United States. Why are Liberals outraged at Walmart for holiday work days but not at Hollywood?

Originally published December 24, 2014 at Politichicks, where cool conservative women blog.

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