Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Voter Turnout: The Silver Lining in California’s Liberal Cloud

The low voter turnout in California’s midterm elections presents a golden opportunity for conservatives to influence state and local politics through the initiative process.  Because the number of signatures required to qualify an initiative for the ballot in California is determined by the number of votes cast in the midterm elections, the recent low turnout makes it easier to qualify government-limiting, tax-cutting initiatives over the next four years.  Presented correctly, these coming initiatives could invigorate discouraged conservative voters and drain bloated bureaucracies.

Local grassroots groups are already organizing strategies to bypass the Democrat Party’s far left stranglehold on California politics. For example, TeaPAC, a grassroots tea party organization in Pasadena, California, is organizing initiative campaigns in cities to cut certain local taxes and, in the process, “suck tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars out of the system.” It would also force Democrats and, indirectly, unions “to defend against dozens of efforts to repeal local taxes”, which in turn would divert their time and money from local, state and national political campaigns.

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Originally published on December 3rd, 2014 at Politichicks, where the cool conservative women blog.

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