Monday, September 10, 2012

The DNC's Extremism

Last week's Democrat National Convention proved beyond doubt that the Democrat Party is now one great big radical Vagina Sorority whose 2012 dream ticket would be none other than the War on Women Dynamic Duo, Bill Clinton & Ted Kennedy .

The highlights of the DNC Platform include:

Boo God and Screw the Jews.

A fetus is not a baby until it’s born. 

Abortion is a medical necessity to preserve future fertility.

And despite a growing $16 trillion dollar national debt, and the fact that Planned Parenthood has enough federal money to stage free birth control give-aways outside the convention, the DNC’s most important economic issue is making other people pay for Sandra Fluke’s extremist sisters’ access to contraception.

Yes, as one DNC delegate’s campaign button confirms, sluts do indeed vote. And they vote Democrat.

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