Monday, September 10, 2012

10 THINGS THE DNC CONVENTION TAUGHT ME (that I never knew about myself until now)

1. Because I am a Christian, I want Jews slaughtered.

2. Because I am registered Republican, I am a racist and a Nazi.

3. Because I am a conservative woman, I am like Eva Braun and want pregnant women to die.

4. Because I oppose Obamacare, I want all women to die, not just the pregnant ones.

5. Because I am a conservative who embraces school choice over teachers’ unions, I want to keep poor kids stupid.

6. Because I am Catholic, I want to hurt poor families.

7. Because I am a white woman who voted for a white guy, I am a racist.

8. Because I am a white woman, I secretly yearn to sleep with and vote for a black man because he’s black. And I can’t control myself.

9. Because I oppose raising taxes on the 51% of Americans who pay taxes, I am unpatriotic.

10. Because I invest my retirement savings in the market, I am part of the greedy corporate capitalist cabal. The government should outlaw corporate profits.

In stark contrast to the GOP Convention that attacked the President’s failed policies and leadership, the DNC Convention focused on attacking People Who Don’t Think Like Them. The Democrats didn’t just attack the opinions of their fellow Americans – their neighbors, co-workers, friends - the DNC Convention vilified and dehumanized them. The Democrats publicly and proudly labeled roughly one-half of the American population as extremists, Nazis, killers and haters.

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