Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Response to Michelle Obama's Email Fundraiser

Michelle just dropped me a "personal" note (desperate massive emailing) after last night's DNC flop, so I thought I would respond with my thoughts to her missive. My thoughts are highlighted and italicized:

"Susan, [we are on intimate speaking terms because she uses my money daily and needs more] thank you for an amazing week. [Well, Michelle, can I tell you how offended I am that you address me without my formal title of "Mrs."?  If I were meeting you or speaking to you in person, out of respect for the office of the President, I would address you as "Mrs. Obama" or "First Lady". Since you feel entitled to spend my tax dollars so freely on dog walkers, jet vacations and overseas summer camp trips for Malia and Sasha, I guess you think we're on a first name basis. WRONG. I am an American taxpayer, and therefore, YOUR BOSS. Act like it.]

Barack and I felt your energy up there. [That threat of lightning, perhaps?]

But we can't let that energy fade [to coin a phrase Michelle, "Yes, We Can!"] -- because in just 60 days, voters will decide who gets to serve in the White House for the next four years. [Which voters, the legal ones or the illegal ones, or just the ignorant uniformed?] So every single one of us has got to pull together to finish strong.

I know you feel the urgency: [yeah, I cannot wait to fire your husband from his job November 6th] Already this week, supporters like you have made more than 500,000 grassroots donations to build this campaign. So if you're fired up, let's keep it going -- let's see how many people we can get to show their support by the end of the day. [Your hubby's internal polling and fundraising numbers are pretty dismal, aren't they?]

Can you chip in $5 or more to stand with Barack today? [I would rather sell my children to the Red Chinese]

Barack's got something that the other side doesn't: more than 3 million grassroots supporters like you -- and together we're going to win this election the right way.  [The old-fashioned way, the Chicago way, with New Black Panther intimidation, union bosses and lots of dead people voting in North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois to name but a few].

The donation you give today will make a big impact in the final stage of this race. [That's why I'm sending it to R&R]. And on November 7th, you can wake knowing that you did everything you could to help us deliver on the full promise of the next four years. [God help America!]

Make this our biggest week yet, and give $5 or more right now to win this election in the final two months...." [Over my Taxed Enough Already teacup, Michelle.]

Thank you,

Michelle ['finally proud of my country'] Obama"


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  1. Susan,
    Great response! Your work is inspiring, motivating and "course correcting" when the blue-smoke-and-mirrors-styled Orwellian-speak of the Democrats pollute both airwaves and brainwaves. Thank you for your leadership and analysis.