Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Conservative Take Over has Begun

I want to go on record BEFORE the returns of the three key elections today (Virginia, New Jersey and NY-23).

I am a proud part of what the state run left wing media is already calling the "Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck" wing of the Republican party -- as though that's a bad thing!! The new conservative is taking over the Grand Old Party from within. I am symbolic of that new conservative voter, people who have been disenfranchised by their own party's abdication of values.

My message to RNC: run conservative candidates and ride that wave to victory or run "moderates" and continue losing election after election. Frankly, you have nothing to lose.

You have my heart and all I can muster to turn out the vote or whatever else we need to win PROVIDED the GOP runs conservative PRO LIFE candidates. No RINOs. No wishy washy republicans who are pro-choice but claim to be "socially conservative" like our present govenor in California. Such candidates ultimately vote democrat and undermine republican power and erode the voters' faith in the GOP. There is no point in replacing liberal Democrat with moderate "republicans." They are in reality the same thing.

If you folks in the RNC endorse true conservatives, then you have my help and everything I can give you. If you endorse a "moderate" republican, I cannot help you.

If you cannot FIND a conservative candidate and want one for an office, call me.

Susan in Glendale

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  1. Hi Susan,

    I just finished watching your interview with Tami Devine on your blog page, and posted a short item about the interview on my LiftUpUsa and LiftUpAmerica blogs.

    > At about 7min. 36sec. on the video, Tami asks Susan, "What do you do now? What happens next?"

    > Wise and priority minded MOM Susan says, "Go home and make dinner. That's my job. And, I'll do the very next thing; whatever it is, I don't know."

    > Why do I point out "... do the very next thing; whatever it is, I don't know?"

    > As a natural born communicator, maybe Susan should consider talk radio... or talk tv... or joining 5 children MOM and Governor Sarah Palin and 5 children MOM and U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman in the political arena of ideas and be involved in directing the (at 8min. 57sec.)

    "... battle of ideas in our country. ... Are we going to become a socialist nation, or are we going to stay in the private sector? Do you believe that the private sector is the best way to solve problems, or do you believe the government is the best way to solve problems?"

    Susan, with your natural talent to substantively communicate your thoughts, and with your MOM experience and wisdom, you would be a wonderful addition to the wise conservative MOM faction in the Republican Party, along with Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, if, hopefully, Palin decides to make political history for the third time as Madam POTUS.