Friday, October 23, 2009

The Obama Health Care Smoothie Video


  1. I enjoyed this video! It sure summed up all what is wrong with the Obamacare. We are behind you, Susan!

  2. Hey Susan, Let's start a movement to bring back CA.
    1. Come start a business here: No business or corporate TAX for 5 years.
    2. Let Arroyo Seco, Mt.Diablo, and any other idle nuclear power plants run at full capacity.
    3. Drill safely offshore, CA has first option to purchase its own fuel.
    4. Monetize CA. debt
    5. Open the dam in the Central Valley
    6. Offer citizenship to illegals, however they may not take advantage of school system , welfare/housing programs or hospitals for 3 years- If benefits accessed prior to three years citizenship road is reset.(Or they can pay cash for care.) You have 2 chances then you go home.
    7. Full CA TAX deduction for interest on creditcard debt and mortgage deductions on debt that was procureds within 2 years. Property tax fully deductible.
    8. Fire anti american marxist communist teachers in Universities, and Public Schools.
    9. Institute back to basic core curriculum in public institutions. No sex education, drug education, anti life teaching or POLITICS. Health means clean your fingernails, use your manners an comb your hair ( some acne cures aceptable)
    10. 10 year tax deduction credit for parents who give children up at birth for adoption.

  3. Susan, it was a treat to hear you on Rush - I was one of those who was sitting in the pick up lane at my daughters school and cheering you on. I was so thrilled that Rush let you get your thoughts out, and so impressed with the clarity of your speech! Thanks for standing up for what's right! Join us at M.O.M. for America! KayCH