Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Voter Redistribution via HUD in 2016

HUD’s data collection of Americans’ health, home loans, credit cards, work places, neighborhood and even children’s school records will be used to “prove” racial bias justifying government intervention, perpetually fueling government and private lawsuits even in the absence of any complaints of discrimination.
New York Post author Paul Sperry writes that the purpose of HUD’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing mega database is  
“to racially balance the nation, ZIP code by ZIP code . . . . and publish ‘geospatial data’ pinpointing racial imbalances. . . . Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be pressured to change their zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing in affluent areas in the suburbs, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas. HUD’s maps, which use dots to show the racial distribution or density in residential areas, will be used to select affordable-housing sites. (emphasis added).
HUD.  Select subsidized affordable housing sites in suburbs. Translation: Relocation.
Reading between the lines, gathering racial statistics can cover a much more nefarious political goal: the legal justification to use federal dollars to move liberal voters into conservative neighborhoods — to redistribute enough Democrat voters to permanently alter the political landscape.
Enter Julian Castro, Secretary of HUD, “a proven leader, a champion for safe, affordable housing and strong, sustainable neighborhoods” according to none other than President Barack Obama. While serving as Mayor of San Antonio, Castro “became known as a national leader in urban development.” As HUD Secretary, Castro is a loyal Democrat operative, key to the legal redistribution of Democrat votes. Attractive, young, married with two children, this bilingual Hispanic Democrat with a B.A. from Stanford and a law degree from Harvard is the perfect choice to administer the Furthering Fair Housing program…and perhaps to run for president once Hop-along Hillary sings ‘Happy Trails’ after her last rodeo.
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