Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Lone Wolf Conspiracy

It’s become a cliche.
After a high profile shooting or bombing – D.C. Sniper, Times Square Bomber, Boston Marathon Bomber, Ft. Hood, Congresswoman Giffords’ shooter, etc – the Mainstream Media promptly launches an entirely fact-free broad brush smear campaign against their “usual suspect” – the Tea Party White Male Veteran Bitter-Clinger gun-wielding knuckle dragging Conservative (you know, those types who founded this country, fought and died to protect it and still volunteer to protect it today). But when the facts crystallize and the criminal instead turns out to be perhaps Muslim, or registered Democrat, the Media just as promptly spins and re-labels the perpetrator a “Lone Wolf” whose actions reflect no group characteristic and has no meaning beyond the discrete crime, therefore, case closed.
“Lone Wolf” suggests aberration, madness, a random quality to the target and disconnection from the deadly consequences and from reality. It is Liberal Code for a crime hardly worth publicizing or analyzing. It is like calling someone insane, a kook, or “nut job”, dismissing any larger danger or further investigation of motive. “Lone Wolf” is cynical media branding designed to mute those who might ponder motives, find parallels, deduce from evidence or draw logical connections.
Militant Islam is the current favorite application of the Lone Wolf narrative by the Mainstream Media and Left. The Ft. Hood massacre, Shoe Bomber, Underwear Bomber, Times Square Bomber, and Boston Marathon Bombers all had unmistakable Jihad motivations just like the Charlie Hebdo killers. Within hours of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Good Morning America talking heads floated the words “Lone Wolf” while the story broke, signaling the go-to knee-jerk narrative pre-launch before the facts came in. They quietly dropped the narrative as contrary facts emerged.
Because, you see, the narrative fails when the Lone Wolf is actually part of a pack. Increasingly, we are seeing evidence of such an Islamic Wolf Pack.
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