Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ebola Invasion Across Our Borders: The 5,000 Pound Elephant in the Immigration Reform Room

“Porous borders!”  CDC Director Tom Friedan warned Congress that porous borders threaten to spread Ebola into America.  But Friedan later said he meant only the porous borders between African nations, not between United States and Mexico.  Translation: our southern border will remain - deliberately - a gaping hole in America’s hazmat suit, as Obama bitterly clings to his political obsession to impose mass amnesty aka “immigration reform”, and to hell with Ebola and spreading death to Americans.

Friedan explained his logic to Congress: shutting down air travel from Ebola hot zones - and thereby preventing infected people from traveling by air - will cause them to travel over land, which makes it more difficult to track the disease.  Never mind that Thomas Duncan’s case highlights the folly of that model.  The CDC approach portends disaster for the our country.

Within the past year alone, Americans witnessed as President Obama lured tens of thousands of desperate Central American families to send their children into the U.S. and then promptly spread them throughout all 50 states with NO medical or criminal screening.  Enterovirus is the suspected result and a foreshadowing of things to come.  Who needs a Typhoid Mary when we have Typhoid Barack recklessly depositing potential disease carriers in every corner of our country?  Worse, just think what would happen if Ebola spread from Africa to Central America, for example, an outbreak of Ebola in Mexico City.  A mass migration to America for health reasons would dwarf these numbers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is predicting that new Ebola cases will climb to 10,000 a week.  “When […] a million people are in quarantine in West Africa right now, and 10,000 people leave West Africa a day, it’s just a matter of time before [Ebola] gets to every third-world country, and it’s going to devour them,” Dr. Gil Mobley said.  Our troops in Benghazi had similar warnings to act, to escape, to mitigate the crisis, 

For weeks President Obama and the CDC have been assuring the public that the chances of Ebola actually to the United States was exceptionally low.  When America’s best and brightest in the medical community cannot prevent the accidental spread of the disease using best known protocol, protection and medical devices currently available, the average John Q. Public doesn’t stand a chance when Ebola victims wade across the Rio Grande.

The CDC classifies Ebola as a “category A biological agent”.  In laymen’s terms, this means the CDC considers Ebola as far more deadly than either tuberculosis or AIDS because Ebola is much more infectious that other diseases, requiring many fewer organisms to transmit to disease to another person.  The CDC actually prioritizes Ebola’s unique characteristics as a “potential…biological terrorism agent” requiring “intensive public preparedness efforts due to the potential for mass causalities, public fear, and civil disruption” precisely because Ebola has no known cure or reliable effective treatment, a very high mortality rate, and can be easily disseminated.  

In the face of Ebola, President’s Obama’s political duplicity on the issue of immigration will lead to the deaths of Americans.  As the President himself has said, “if there’s even one thing we can do, if there's just one life we can save, we've got an obligation to try.”   To save American lives, we must close the border now and secure it with military troops with orders to kill any who attempt to cross.  Fortuitously, Homeland Security already has a massive stockpile of ammunition for such purpose. 

Once we have secured the southern border from an Ebola invasion, for humanitarian reasons, the President could coordinate with the Mexican government and FEMA to create a massive Ebola buffer zone within Mexico with temporary housing and portable triage centers where Dr. Friedan’s special traveling CDC protocol experts can provide training and medical care to the dying.   

Absent swift and decisive military action to close our southern border to all immigrant traffic, illegal or otherwise, it’ll be too late.  We won’t know it is coming until we see the blood dripping from their eyes.  

Originally published at on October 18, 2014.

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