Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama's War on Religion: Preaching The "Social Gospel"

In case you missed it, religion is no longer belief in God and obedience to objective tenets; it is now a social agenda clothed in religious terminology to advance a political end.  And Obama admits it.

In an interview reported by Fox News last week, Obama admits he is “puzzled” that the Catholic Church opposes paying for all women to have fair, equal access to birth control and abortion. After all, Obama explained, his “first real job out of college, was working with churches in low-income communities, trying to make sure that the social gospel was made real, that people were getting help."
The Social Gospel.  A missing books of the New Testament? Hardly.
Here's the Social Gospel in a nut shell: government forcibly ensuring that subjective political "good" is done unto thers. Current example: women need help affording birth control so we should make the Church "help" the people. Obamacare merely exists to ensure that “good” is done unto others. Government is making the "social gospel real.”

Over twenty years, Reverend Jeremiah Wright taught Obama the "Social Gospel," a blend of social justice, socialism, black liberation theology, and hatred for America as an oppressor nation. His teachings had very little to do with Christian theology; they had everything to do with advancing a radical socialist political agenda through passionate preaching. Obama was an apt pupil.  Obama’s "Social Gospel" employs pseudo-Christian religious concepts and passionate speech to advance a socialist political agenda.

The Left is redefining the traditional social lexicon to apply subjective meanings. Marriage is not marriage anymore. The left demands a subjective definition of marriage to embrace anyone who is committed to someone else through some sort of meaningful relationship. Family is not a father and mother and kids traditional unit. Family is subjectively defined to encompass almost any cohabitation. Opposition to this redefinition is called “intolerance.’

There is nothing inconsistent between a far left wing policy decision impacting a teaching of faith because they are one and the same in Obama’s Social Gospel. There is no “war on religion” in Obama’s mind because Obama’s religion is politics, the social gospel and politics are one and the same thing because they advance the common “good.”

Obama’s puzzlement over Catholic non-compliance with Obamacare stems from his own subjective view of religion. This is how Obama can claim that Jesus would support his tax plan or Obamacare for that matter. Obama sees no First Amendment conflict when he dictates that the Catholic Church must adopt a more socialist agenda, because, to Obama, the left wing political/socialist agenda is synonymous with religious practice.

Socialism is the Social Gospel in action.  Now you've heard the Word.


  1. Susan:
    This is sensational! Thanks.

  2. Amen Susan! Now.. If we can just get this out into mainstream media, and have the "sheep's" eyes opened!