Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top Ten Suggestion to Help the Dems

Thanks to Mr. Scott Mc Afee for submitting this humorous post following the first Romney/Obama debate:

Ok, so we all know the Dems took a shellacking at the first presidential debate.  Well, it's not too late for them to take back the elections and here are some suggestions to help them make it happen.
  1. Invite Big Bird to join Obama on the campaign trail.  As a bonus, have Ernie and Bert come out of the closet and explain to the kids that if Romney is elected the wedding is off.
  2. Have Ellen DeGeneres channel the dead guy whose head Mitt supposedly shaved in high school.  She can explain why years of therapy still have not helped relieve the hair cutting trauma.
  3. Employ Steven Spielberg to CGI newly discovered footage of Mitt Romney's dog reliving the terror on top of the family station wagon.  Rosy O'Donnell can dub the dog's wailing voice.
  4. Replace Joe Biden with vagina activist Sandra Fluke.  Change the narrative from the economy to Lady Parts and condoms.
  5. Reach out even further to the Muslim extremist community by appointing Mahfouz Ahmadinejad as head of homeland security or NASA.
  6. Keep the DNC's resources focused on the remaining 7 states of the 57 states that Obama is visiting.
  7. Ask Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to survey the DNC as to the inclusion of "Allah" in the party platform.  This will eliminate the "nay" vote completely, uniting the party.
  8. Reemphasize Romney's vacation jet ski rental as an obvious “rich man's extravagance” while ignoring Michelle Obama's multiple trips to Europe with her entourage.
  9. To rally the base at the next campaign stop, ask Reverend Jeremiah Wright to belt out James Brown's “Living in America” only substitute “G.D. America” instead.
  10. If the polls look really bad after the next debate, run Bill Clinton instead with promises that Monica Lewinsky will reprise her role in the new administration as his Chief of Staff.

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