Monday, December 6, 2010

What do Cell Phones, Guns and the TSA Have In Common?

To address the government's growing focus on "distracted" driving, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is exploring technology that will disable cell phones in vehicles

What if you're not the driver but a passenger? 
What if your car breaks down on the highway?
What if you've become lost late at night and you need directions? 
What if, God forbid, you are in or witness an emergency situation and need police or fire protection?  

Just like the groin gropers at the TSA or gun control fanatics in the government, LaHood is not identifying criminals (terrorists, felons or reckless drivers), but rather is criminalizing the object, in this case a cell phone.  

What're they going to protect drivers from next?  How about French fries and hot coffee and children?

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