Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zippergate --

Zippergate -- (first published at Online Gold Coast Chronicle. Reprinted here.)

The Climategate global warming hoax is an international fraud perpetrated by unscrupulous scientists on a global scale. It certainly rates the coveted “number 1” position in greatest all time political lies.

What’s in the “number 2” position you ask? Obamacare? Nope. Watergate? Not even close. Zippergate takes the full monty. The media hoax perpetrated by politicians and public figures and their backers starting with Kennedy’s Marilyn Monroe cover up, to Clinton’s Lewinsky cigar trade through a myriad of senators, congressmen, and public figures all caught cheating and finally culminating in Tiger Woods’ porn to pancakes smorgasbord.

Zippergate offends American women across the political spectrum. What is it with these guys? Why can’t these public figures keep their marital vows? One might excuse and pity Clinton since his wife is such a battle ax. But how in the world can anyone, male or female for that matter, justify Tiger Woods’ conquests? American women admire Mrs. Woods’ beauty and figure. Who wouldn’t? Woods’ infidelity is unsettling because it illustrates women’s deepest fear - - that no matter how beautiful or svelt a woman keeps herself, her husband is going to cheat anyway.

That sense of absolute marital betrayal is now part of the public political debate, in part thanks to Woods and Climategate. If so many scientists can lie so convincingly for so many years with so many willing media allies to create a global warming hoax, and if such a huge sports icon can effectively whitewash his true image then how can we ill-informed voters trust any politician’s public image?

Obama’s romance of the public has been exposed as a fraud. He’s not for “transparency in government.” He’s not for real solutions to economic problems. He’s a fraud, a radical leftist who is whispering sweet “hope and change” nothings in Americans’ ears while quietly stealing the next generation’s earnings by running up the national debt with his socialist takeover of banks, car companies, healthcare and possibly newspapers.

Too many politicians have betrayed their electoral vows to their spouse, the American voter. And what’s worse is that the media, like some two-faced desperate housewife, is in bed with these political liars and covering up for their indiscretions. The media was once the German Shepherd (pit bull?) of politics, sniffing out lies and warning its rightful master, the American public, when things seemed amiss. But no more. The 95% leftist mainstream media has been caught in bed with Woods, Obama and the rest all in attempt to mislead us by covering up the true facts and replacing them with image.

And we mothers, whose daily focus is the price of peanut butter, are the last to know the truth. Like Mrs. Woods, Americans have had it with the politician’s cheating. We want candidates whose private lives are is the same as their public presentation – note that I didn’t say we wanted pure immaculate virginal politicians. No we just want the truth. We’ll accept sins and transgressions so long as we know about it in advance of the political marriage called election day. Instead of choosing our own mates, the media is giving us arranged marriages, timely revealing sordid details about one party’s candidate days before the election while covering up scandal in the other side’s camp. Freedom of choice really takes on a different meaning now. And we women are absolutely sick of the cheating game.

So fair warning all you political cheats and media hacks. We’re looking for the five iron in time for November 2, 2010.

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